Tuesday, May 17, 2022

4 Queer Influencers you should be following

4 Queer Influencers you should be following Queerness is more than just rainbow colors and a flag. It’s an emotion. IT’S A LIFESTYLE. From raising...
LGBT Fashion

How LGBT wears the fashion

The fashion over the years has changed in ways. Though, only the style has changed, there are still the depictions and segregation of what...

Gender swapping of Budh & Ila

Budh is a prototype of gender roles. In Hindu Astrology, Budh is the planet Mercury. Briahspati cursed his wife Tara when she was pregnant...

The Michigan University Publication – Gayly

The Michigan University published the Michigan Gayly newspaper for the LGBTQ+ community in October. The Michigan Gayly is published monthly. Students of the university,...

India could soon legalise same-sex marriage

We all know that India decriminalized Article 377 in 2018. Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju are among the few lawyers who fought to legalise...
LGBTQ in Media

Is Mass Media referring to LGBTQ+ in the right way possible?

Movies as a medium attracts a huge crowd without any mediocrity. In recent times, the way of getting the audience attention moved from movies...
Queer Eye

The Queer Eye – Filming begins for the next!

Netflix original show Queer Eye has a positive review as the show portrays characters beyond gender stereotype. The filming for the next season of...
see you soon

See You Soon – An Intimate Queer Romance

See You Soon is a romantic queer movie about long-distance relationship. Written and directed by Tyler Rabinowitz, the movie released on July 27th 2020....

The Wife who turned into a man for her husband

King Shikidvaja of Malva left the kingdom to live his life like a hermit in search of wisdom. He was married to Chudala, a...

Love Island star Justin Lacko likes both men and women!

Model Justin Lacko, who appeared in 'Love Island Australia' and 'I'm a celebrity' addressed his sexuality through a series of posts on Instagram.   The model's...
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