A Queen’s real devotion made a man turn into a female and stay as a wife for his friend.
Samavan and Sumedhas were very poor and were not married. Queen Simantini was very generous and would offer rich gifts to married couple every Monday. The Queen worships the couple as Shiva and Parvati and then offers them a gift.
In order to obtain the gift, Sumedhas and Samavan planned to go as a married couple. Samavan disguised himself as a woman. The duo introduced themselves as a newlywed couple to the queen. Knowing that both of them were men, she went on and worshipped the couple as Shiva and Parvati. Immediately Samavan lost his masculinity and became a woman.
Sumedhas was surprised but agreed to marry Samavan as his wife. Samavan from then on was called as Samavati. In the Skanda Purana, Samavan’s sexuality transformation is explained as the power of the queen as she expressed her devotion to Shiva by fasting on Mondays.
The physical transformation of Samavan as a woman has made him forget that her husband once was her friend. The transformation of Samavati after the marriage is a fact of considering that it is a queer relation. In Hindu literature, a man transforming into a woman or vice versa. In ancient times, transforming into a trans was much more of a characterisation than that of comfort.


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