It is not like everyone is enjoying the lockdown. Yes, we have got new hobbies, we got to do all the things that we have been yearning to do for years; but will you be able to change your lifestyle forever and bring it up on with this lockdown culture? The second you open your social media platforms, what immediately fills up your social wall is that people adapting to the lifestyle change and caring about things they never knew that existed and of all trying to be ‘productive’.

All I see is how the world is slowing down and everyone though feeling the adrenaline rush at their back, keep their calm and finding a way to spend their time cooped up in a cozy blanket.  This was the culture we followed when we were emotionally ransacked or trying to have some ‘me’ time or a silent weekend. But how long do you think we can put up this show?

The internet has been storming with posts stating that this lockdown culture might look so much like lesbian culture. Many relate this lockdown culture with Dyke Camp – “If camp is the love of the unnatural, dyke camp is the love of the ultra-natural, of nature built up and reclaimed.”

With a lot of people trying out the nature, the lesbian community steps up to show that they have been doing that forever. The increasing number of DIY’s and options for self care is allegedly a trait that Lesbians have been following for years.


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With not caring about waxing or facial hair, we have ourselves changed the possibility of living up to the expectation of society. Though it is a stigma attached to the Queer community to not create the picture-perfect effect, all of us have reached a point that it is not necessary to nail the race of being glorious and reinvented after this lockdown.

Though this is not valid enough that the lockdown culture of yours speaks about sexuality; but with the internet steaming  inclusiveness of LGBTQ+ and that actually shows that the lockdown culture does speak about sexuality. The obsession of being productive during lockdown has hit a level that right now we actually do not know what will happen to us when this lockdown ends.


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