Amara, the girl who came to terms with her sexuality.

Saradha Natarajan

Originally published in Quora
Amara was a young girl when she found out about her sexuality. Amara believed that she felt that way because of her hormones and did not did not worry too much as she thought it was just a ‘phase’ that she was passing as a teen girl.
But it was not too long before she found out that she was a lesbian and that it not a ‘phase’ She wanted to come in terms with her sexuality and wanted to come out to her family. Amara was preparing herself to come out to her father. Amara gained courage to talk to her father but while growing up Amara had lost her mother and she did not have anybody to rely on. She thought that her father would not understand about her sexuality because he was unaware of women’s needs and requirements.
While most of her friends were able to do something for a living, Amara could not focus as she was fighting the greatest battle of her life – whether to come out of the closet or not. Amara was ashamed to accept who she was. She has never heard same-sex relationship and she thought that the way she felt was ‘unnatural’. She started taking part in Queer forums and pride marches to understand her sexuality and orientation. She told her family that she was a lesbian when she turned 22.
Amara had a corporate job in a company that was LGBT inclusive. She said that it helped her to fight homophobia and that she fought all her battles with the support of her colleagues. Amara stated that she has never been discriminated on basis of her sexuality at her work place and that she was given equal opportunity as others at work.


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