Lesbian couple gave birth to a baby using both their wombs

Saradha Natarajan

A couple from UK, have become the first parents to have carried their baby in both their wombs. According to reports, Jasmine Francis Smith gave birth to a baby boy two months ago. The egg was incubated in the womb of Donna – Jasmine’s wife through the vitro fertilisation procedure.
Lesbian couple give birth to baby
 The London Women’s clinic offered this treatment of ‘Shared Motherhood.’ The egg was incubated in Donna’s womb for 18 hours and then transferred to Jasmine’s womb for the pregnancy and birth. Jasmine and Donna said that the process of ‘two-womb’ baby brought them closer emotionally and both of them have a special bond with the baby boy.
The two-womb baby by the vitro fertilisation procedure has been done for the very first time. The medical director of the London Women’s Clinic stated that it is very exciting as lesbian couples wanting to have babies together can be involved actively in the process by the ‘two-womb’ baby.


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