The fashion over the years has changed in ways. Though, only the style has changed, there are still the depictions and segregation of what a man and woman should wear. There has been a stigma attached on what to wear, how to wear and who should wear.
The LGBTQ community has taken a step forward as on to break this social stigma. Well, pairing a dress with a set of sneakers is what in need to show that fashion and style sync. It is a predominant statement that Gays have better fashion statement, well is that true? There is no study or record that has proved that there is a gay gene for creativity.  It could be the misconception that how one looks at the fashion. Though matching a pair of sneakers with dress will not show the fashion of the Queer.
LGBT Fashion
What does Fashion Industry have to do with Homosexuality? Any individual who is a male and is from the design industry is immediately falsely perceived to as a Gay. Statistics states that the large proportion of gay men have worked in creative fields of fashion and theater.
In India, depicting the Queer’s fashion is just developing. The aesthetic colour and style is only pointed out recently with an exponential growth in non-binary clothing. The New York Fashion show explicitly shows that Queer fashion is far just apart trend. The top fashion brands are developing exclusive designs in their store for the Queer.


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