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4 Queer Influencers you should be following

4 Queer Influencers you should be following Queerness is more than just rainbow colors and a flag. It’s an emotion. IT’S A LIFESTYLE. From raising...

The Heritage Bridal collection

Sabyasaachi’s official Instagram page has a series of pictures under the Heritage Bridal collection of 2020. The images were released in 5 segments by...

Queer Fashion in India

Fashion industry in India was the first to accept the Queer lifestyle. More than a revolution, it was the acceptance. The Queer fashion is...
LGBT Fashion

How LGBT wears the fashion

The fashion over the years has changed in ways. Though, only the style has changed, there are still the depictions and segregation of what...

A pair of Sunglasses sold at 137,500 Euros

Beatles star John Lennon’s sunglasses were sold for 137,500 Euros. The glasses were sold to a bidder in an auction at London. Lennon left his...

We now have perfume-infused handbags

Fendi, the Italian luxury fashion house introduce the world’s first perfume-infused handbags. The handbags named FendiFrenesia are made of special leather and are infused...

With no stylist, Sonam spent 60,000 on a Bottega Veneta

Sonam Kapoor’s fashion always stands out not only in Bollywood but all over the world’s praises. She herself owns a fashion brand, Rheson, along...