Women are always shy when they have to talk about vagina. This article is for everyone who has lot of questions but never asked or answered.
How many of us avoid going to a gynecologist because we are embarrassed to say that our vagina also needs healthcare.
vaginal healthWhat should be the pH level of a vagina?
vaginal health
The pH level of your vagina should be 3.8 to 4.5. The change in pH level might be caused because of various reasons. The pH level changes with the stress that you have, food habits, sexual intercourse, menstruation, hygiene products used, including the soap you use down there.
The normal balance is maintained by the body itself. When the pH level of your vagina changes it gives out bad odor. Avoid using strong scented soap and use safe vaginal washes.
What causes Vagina Dryness?
vaginal health
The vagina becomes dry and flaky for women of any age after they start to menstruate. But it is more common after menopause. Dry vagina often causes itching, burning and painful intercourse. Almost, 60% of women have vaginal dryness, but do not get them treated. An easy to way to overcome dryness is to apply coconut oil around the labia on both sides and wear cotton panties.
At the same time, you cannot keep the vagina wet all the time. The wetness might be created because of the discharge which requires a wash once in a while with clean warm water.
Vagina cannot be Bacteria free!
vaginal health
A healthy vagina is full of good bacteria. Bacteria helps to maintain the pH level and protects vagina from harmful infections. The bacteria would be mostly present in the clitoris and pubic hair. Washing your vagina frequently in a day might kill the good bacteria. Do not wax or shave pubic hair regularly as they protect your vagina from infections.
Vagina is self-cleaner.
vaginal health
Girls from age of 9 – 18 might have frequent liquid white discharges. It is the waste that is carried out from your vagina as it cleans itself of dead bacteria that no longer belong to your body. It is important that you do not wash inside of your vagina as it is self-cleansing.
The white discharge may reduce as one starts to have regular sexual intercourse as the vagina will discrete any unwanted bacteria along with the urine after sex.
Yes! It is very sensitive
vaginal health
Though your vagina is self-cleansing, the parts around vagina needs to be washed at least once a day. A long bubble-bath, uncomfortable fabric, strong soaps, chemicals and even sperm can harm the vulva. If your vulva is not cleaned properly it starts to itch and gives you rashes and burns.
What you eat matters!
vaginal health
A healthy vagina depends on a healthy diet. Intake of food like raw garlic and onion will increase the pH level which in turn will give a bad odor. But having probiotic food like butter, curd and yogurt which has Lactobacillus bacteria in them helps you to maintain a healthy vagina.
vaginal health
Get to know your vagina!


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