Lord Vishnu forming the hermaphrodite Lakshmi Narayana takes the form of Mohini and trick the demons. Lord Shiva not knowing that it was Vishnu falls in love with Mohini and spills his semen on the rocks which turns into gold. Mythological stories say that Shiva knows Mohini’s true nature as Lord Vishnu and this scenario was interpreted to be the ‘homosexual attraction.’ Later the story unveils as such that the origin of Hariharasudhan or Ayyappa was born to Shiva and Vishnu. Puranas state that two men cannot give birth to a child.

Shiva and Mohini


Mohini becomes pregnant with Ayyappa from Shiva’s semen that he ejected on embracing her. She gives birth to Ayyappa and abandons him in shame. In another version of mythological story – The Mahabarata – Krishna who is an incarnation of Vishnu takes form of Mohini and marries Aravan.


Krishna wanted Aravan to experience what is love before his death as Aravan voluntarily sacrificed his life The Indian Hijra community looks up to lord Krishna as one among them as he married Aravan in the role of Mohini.


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