Bengaluru based artist and illustrator Alicia Souza is well known for the quirky designs on mugs, cups, t-shirts and calendar. Alicia now has a book filled with her cartoons, a few on her life. Her debut book Dearest George is a collection of illustrations will be released in January 2020.
Alicia Souza cartoon
Alicia created the website Dearest George earlier to announce her wedding in 2017. Most of her illustrations depict her personal life. Alicia created the website as a surprise for her husband George. Alicia’s cartoons have featured her life as a couple. The book is a compilation of the drawings from the website with additional new illustrations. In an interview to News Minute, Alicia said, “I started drawing a lot about him and I had like a lot of drawings.” She said that the love and response on social media made her website into a book.
Alicia Souza cartoon
Alicia said that she is a positive person and most of her illustrations depict the happiness in life. She said that there are too many negative things happening around the world that gives too much negative energy and she only draws about positive things that shows happiness. When asked what about the situations that depicts sadness, she said she would go about it and illustrate her cartoon as positive and hide the details of worry some.

Here are few illustrations of Alicia that would take you on a journey through your life as well:


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