Indian Trans woman won Miss World Diversity 2018

Saradha Natarajan

Aizya Naaz Joshi is the first transsexual woman to win the Miss World Diversity. Born as a male, Joshi always fancied wearing skirts and dress. Considering her behavior shameful, her parents sent her to Mumbai to stay with her uncle. At a very young age Joshi understood why she was feeling that way.
Joshi, worked in a roadside Dhaba which fetched her money for school. Later she joined the National Institute of Fashion Designing. At that time Supreme Court did not legalise transgenders as third gender. So, she had to dress like a man to study in the university.
She has done odd jobs to pay her fee at NIFT. Though she was the topper at NIFT, Joshi could not land on a job and she cited that it was her gender identity that was a hurdle. For Joshi, it has never been a bed of roses, from an early age she was abused by her family and then society for expressing herself. But she never gave up and fought for her dreams.She worked with designer Ritu Kumar, but later fell apart for certain reasons. In 2012, Donald Trump owned the Miss Universe Pageant allowed transwoman to participate and in 2018 Joshi won the title. She became really famous after her biopic was released by photographer Rishi Taneja.


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