‘If you are Lesbian in India, you would go to hell’

Saradha Natarajan

India being the land of superstition beliefs, the acceptance of homosexual relationship has come a long way for the previous generations. The most heard line from parents and elders is that if you are gay you would go to hell.
Hibba, a Kashmiri Lesbian after coming out, was taken forcibly to a local faith healer to ‘cure’ her. The local faith healer tried everything to ‘do away with’ the ‘ghost’ from her body. After multiple visits to the healer, Hibba was still ‘impure’ and her parents took her to a Psychiatrist.
Hibba said that Psychiatrist questioned her if she was abused as a child and all that she had to do was to think that she is heterosexual and she will become ‘normal.’ The doctor prescribed fatal drugs for 2 years and even tried aversion therapy by giving her mild shocks. After trying exorcism, therapy and every other way for a good two years, Hibba’s family agreed to her sexuality.
Hibba mentioned that she had been through a lot of trauma and her parents neglecting her for 2 years, has given her a lot of mental trauma and their simple sorry would not vanish anything that she feels.


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