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New web-series on Lesbian Relationship

Pakistan is no less to India when it comes to culture and tradition. It is the first time on Pakistan a Lesbian relationship is...

The Next Step – featured a same-sex kiss scene

More than 100 complaints were raised against BBC for portraying a same-sex kiss scene in ‘The Next Step’, a teen drama. The Next Step is...

Trans-masculine and Lesbian Queer Artist in India

Queer Artists Ruklashra and Raano have recently become the talk of town after they posted a video on Instagram. Their music videos have been...

Amara, the girl who came to terms with her sexuality.

Originally published in Quora Amara was a young girl when she found out about her sexuality. Amara believed that she felt that way because of...

WWE star Tegan Nox comes out as lesbian

WWE star Tegan Nox came out as Lesbian and posted a picture with her girlfriend. In her Instagram post, Tegan Nox, posted a picture...

Breathe: Into the Shadow – the story of psycho killer also...

The series Breathe: Into the shadows was recently released on the OTT platform of Amazon. It was directed by Mayank Sharma and the lead...

Is Gaydar a real thing?

Gaydar is the so-called intuitive ability of a person to assess other people’s sexual orientation. All of us have come across statements that intuition...

India could soon legalise same-sex marriage

We all know that India decriminalized Article 377 in 2018. Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju are among the few lawyers who fought to legalise...

Will same-sex marriage in country increase the economy?

Weddings are a big business. Let it be India or any other country, weddings are a big deal. Weddings might seem a personal expense...

Gay Dads adopt a 17-year-old son

If not one way there is always another way to do things. The global pandemic COVID has shown us that even the virtual way...
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