Gidha is a folk dance which is usually performed by women in Punjab for ages now. Noor has been performing Gidha for 21 years. He had a desire to dress up as woman and perform the dance. Years ago, along with his two other friends, in a whim he dressed up as a woman and started performing dance and he has been performing from then.


Gidha has now become his identity and people refer to him as crossdresser or Hijra and some call him a Transgender. Noor is a dance teacher and his group only consists of men who desire to cross dress as women and want to perform Gidha. And now, with his all-male troop recreating the traditional folk dance, he has become an internet star.


Dance has been Noor’s passion and he started uploading videos on social media and people gave positive response to him. He now gets several proposals in a day to perform Gidha. Noor along with his male troop says that their soul is fulfilled only when they perform the dance.


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