In an interview, English singer and songwriter Harry Styles addressed personal questions on his sexuality. Harry Styles is always breaking gender stereotypes when it comes to acceptance of dressing as per gender norms. Styles had made strong appearance with his fashion. His tone of fashion with the lace blouse at the Met gala and the glittery jumpsuit at the Jingle Bell ball explains his fashion style.

Harry Styles

In an interview with The Guardian – Styles said that, “It is never a question of what men wear or what women wear, If I see something nice and they say it is for ladies, I think Okaaaay?? But it has not made me to want it to not wear.” He said that the moment when someone feels comfortable with oneself, it becomes lot easier.
Harry Styles
Queer Eye Jonathan Van Ness and Singer Harry Styles
Styles explained that he uses fashion as a form of expression of self-acceptance. His latest album Fine Line gave an assumption of the LGBTQtheme, but the singer replied that the song was not sending any message about his sexuality.  He added that the decision of the album title or his dressing, the decisions are made in terms with the collaborators he works with.
Harry Styles said that the way he looks at things is because he thinks it is cool and not because it makes him look gay or straight or bisexual. He said that his sexuality is his and he does not have to tell it out to others. The singer confessed that when questioned about sexuality, one should respect one’s answer and also respect for the fact that they might not get an answer.


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