Now with the existing lifestyle, where the online platforms are taking over the theatrical experiences, Tollywood Director, Ram Gopal Varma has started his own RGV world theatre online where he has formulated the pay per view module. The online streaming platform has bought him rich dividends during the lockdown as he is churning out adult movies every weekend.
He has so far released the movie ‘Climax’ starring Mia Malkova, ‘Naked’ starring Sweety, ‘Thriller’ starring Apsara Rani and Rocky. Ram Gopal Varma announced that his upcoming movie will be a Lesbian Crime thriller titled Dangerous. He released the first 3 posters of the movie on his social media handles yesterday.


Dangerous is a highly passionate lesbian love story between two women who are ready to kill and die for each other. The movie stars Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly in the lead roles.
In his Instagram post he captioned, “It will be the first in India to culturally elevate the stigma of LGBT after the honourable Supreme Court repealed section 377. My intention is to depict a love story between 2 women with as much respect and dignity as between a man and a woman.” On his tweeter feed he mentioned, “My Lesbian crime action film’s title is DANGEROUS – Their affair killed many, including Cops and Gangsters”


Though it is claimed to be the first movie that culturally elevate Queer stigma in the movie industry, a line of criticisms was made against RGV. A lot of twitteratis ridiculed and criticized that the movie was nothing about LGBT inclusion but just a way to gain fame. A few stated that he was trying to make money in a quick-witted way. For which the director replied, “I am making all these movies to make money. Don’t all the other film makers do the same too? Or are they making them for love of humanity or to help the poor people by donating?”


Another comment read that, “It is very far from having a positive role expressing LGBTQ inclusion in the movie industry. The posters of this movie look like an R-Rated adult movie and depicts only sexual relationship.” A few also mentioned that women are already used and seen as sexual objects and movies like Danger trying to promote lesbian relationship in the form of intimate sexual only degrades women.
Here are the movie posters that were released:


Though the social media took a negative impact from these posters, it is a step taken by the movie industry to portray the it is as ‘normal’ as every other movie. Will we not accept a Crime Thiller movie if it featured your favourite hero as a male and the female lead as damsel in distress? When we have watched movie that promotes Domestic and Sexual abuse between opposite gender, why it is hard to accept that a movie depicting lesbian relation has to be shown only in a very discreet manner?
It is high time that we watch LGBT inclusive movies the same way we expect a movie that has opposite genders to have an intimate relation on screen.


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