Disney CEO Bob Chapek when intervened by LGBTQ+ activist said that the company will focus on increasing LGBTQ characters and stories.
Chapek said that Disney strongly believes in reflecting the creative content to the majority of audience and that they will have an increased commitment to move forward with the implementation of LGBT in their characters and stories. He said, “We want to tell stories that our audience wants to hear, that reflects their lives.”
Bob Chapek
Bob Chapek
Caroline Farrow – LGBTQ activist asked Chapek about the petition signed by 7,00,000 people asking Disney to not promote LGBT theme in children’s toys or cartoons. He responded to the question saying that parents were not comfortable with including LGBT characters in children’s cartoons and movies, but Disney will have more inclusion towards LGBTQ.
Disneyland, Paris hosted a pride event last year and this year’s celebration is currently scheduled for June.He also said that there will be a transgender character in a future Marvel film, and upcoming superhero movie The Eternals will introduce Marvel’s first openly gay lead character to cinema screens. Marvel Studios is owned by Disney.
The Eternals


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