TV personality Kim Kardashian said that she underwent five operations in 1.5 years to ‘fix the damage’ her pregnancies did. Kim spoke about the difficulties in her pregnancies in a campaign video for her new clothing range – SKIMS.
Kim Kadarshian's Family
Kim suffered the Preeclampsia condition during her first pregnancy with North. Preeclampsia condition is a situation when the mother’s organs start to shut down. According to reports, Kim suffered a number of complications while carrying North and only after freezing her eggs, she was able to deliver her second child Saint.
Kim with her kids
She said that she was fortunate to have beautiful children. She expressed her feelings that she was thankful for the surrogates as that’s how she had other two children. “I’m so thankful for my beautiful kids, no matter how they came to me. I am thankful for my family. I grew up with so many siblings and loved being in a big environment. I would have gone through the same pain and back for the result of having my babies and it was all worth it.” She stated.
Kim's pregnancy issue


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