With number of Queer dating apps increasing, the preference from height and weight has now moved to notifying if the user is ‘on PrEP’.
What is PrEP? Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.


PrEp is used as a preventive medication for HIV. Researchers identified that individuals using PrEp are 99% safe of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Before starting the medication, it is a requisite that the individual goes through a medical screening. A full health checkup is required once in three months while under medication. Intake of PrEP tablets without consulting the doctor is not advisable. A medical consultation is required for starting or stopping the medication.


PrEP was available in the first-world countries from 2010. In 2015, World Health Organization induced the cheaper version of the drug. A leading Indian pharma, Cipla has been approved to sell its own version of PrEP which is easily accessible by the LGBTQ+ community. Though the study and research has proved that there is no long-term risk associated with the intake of PrEP but it is advisable to get a HIV test before starting the medication.


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