The University of Copehagen, Denmark has allegedly succeeded in extracting a human genome of 5,700 years ago from a chewing gum. The researches recreated the image using the DNA and found clues of the person’s dietary habits.
Here is the photo of the woman (recreated) who could have chewed the gum 5,700 years ago.
Human genome 5,700 years ago
Reportedly, the researchers with the DNA from the chewing gum said that it was a woman of dark shade with black hair and would posses blue eyes. The researchers said that the woman was genetically related to the hunter-gatherers of mainland Europe according to the study published in the journal – Nature Communications.
“It’s amazing to have retrieved a complete ancient human genome from anything other than bone,” said lead researcher Hannes Schroeder, Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen. The birch pitch – chewing gum was found during the archaeological excavation at Syltholm. The researchers also said that the woman would have consumed hazelnuts and ducks frequently as a part of her diet. “Our ancestors lived in a different environment and had a different lifestyle and diet. It’s, therefore, interesting to find how this is reflected in their microbiome,” said Schroeder.


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