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What do I spend my money on as a Gen Z?

The change in lifestyle and time has had a drastic change on what we do today with our money. Evolving from barter system to...

Would you name your kid ‘X Æ A-12’?

Industrial Designer and Technologist Elon Musk and Claires Elise Boucher or officially known as Grimes gave birth to their son this week. Elon Musk...

How to deal with Break-up?

Relationships are not always meant to be strong. For it to be everlasting, it requires a lot of adjustments, sacrifices and understanding. Every relationship...

How you can adapt to online dating during quarantine

The Corona virus pandemic is coming down so hard and self-isolation is making everyone go crazy. If you are not using the self-isolation time...

Chewing gum recreates human genome of 5,700 years ago

The University of Copehagen, Denmark has allegedly succeeded in extracting a human genome of 5,700 years ago from a chewing gum. The researches recreated...

32,000 signed petitions for Baby Yoda emoji

Of all the memes in 2019, Baby Yoda has won the maximum hearts. A petition demanding an emoji of the start war character Baby...

Netflix testing discount by 50% for subscription plans in India

With raging competitors in the market like Prime & Hotstar, Netflix is trying its leverage with India by providing discount for longer subscription plans....

Are you turning 30 in the next 5 years?

Here’s something that you can add on your bucket list before you get too busy. Take a solo trip to an unknown place. Travelling to a...