Relationships are not always meant to be strong. For it to be everlasting, it requires a lot of adjustments, sacrifices and understanding. Every relationship is unique and if your relationship does not take you where you want it to go, it ends in a bad break up.
Break up
How to get over a Break-up?
Phase 1:
  1. Start making a list of pros and cons of your relationship. Most times, you will realize that you are better off alone than being in a toxic relationship.
  2. It may seem like a bit of over reaction, but moving away from your ex on social media is extremely important. By doing this, you will not get hurt unexpectedly knowing if they got a new girlfriend/boyfriend.Social Media
  3. Cleansing is very important. Get rid of all the gifts and things that reminds you of them. If it very valuable, stash it in a place where you will never look for it or return it to them through a post or mail.
Phase 2:
  1. You are very important. So cry if you have to until it makes you feel better. Believe me… It will help you to move on.
  2. Treat yourself time, food and money. Eat your favourite food, Buy your favourite shoes that had your eyes glued on to, listen to music that you love! Retail shopping helps too. Cookies
  3. Spend time with your friends and catch up on things you have missed out.
Phase 3:
  1. Get yourself a makeover. Have a new look done by wearing a dress that you never wore or wear an outfit that is little outside your comfort zone and you can be the new you.
  2. Rearrange your room and closet by distracting yourself.
  3. Learn something new that is easy to excel and you can spend your time to distract yourself.
Break ups do hurt and they might take more time than you think or would admit to get over the person. Though there is nothing wrong while taking your own time to heal, take baby steps to move on as there is no point in holding on to something that is not good enough for you.


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