Why Q+ is the correct space for your quarantine time?

Q Plus


Q Plus is an exclusive lifestyle space for the LGBTQ+ community. Yes, the rest are welcome too.

With the entire world in lock down and self distancing, it is not easy to keep yourself occupied. Here are few reasons why you should follow Q Plus immediately and keep yourself informed and engaged.


  1. You do not need a mask of your gender or sexuality. Here, we do not talk about inclusion or exclusion as it’s your space.
  2. Catch up with your tribe members and have hour long conversations.
  3. Do not get overwhelmed with the current scenario, read all our articles and that will keep you engaged.
  4. Share your stories with us through e-mails and you can even write about a topic or two.
  5. Meet new people on the forum space and have individual and group chats.
  6. Pre-Order your merchandise and fill your shopping cart.
  7. Follow our Social media page @QPlusMe to get immediate updates through notifications.
  8. And the best part, the annual forum membership is free if you sign up now.



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