Drag Queen Nina West recently appeared on a visual advertisement for Pantene shampoo. Nina West who was known for her participation in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 announced the ad through her twitter post.
West on her twitter post said, ” can finally share! I am a PANTENE QUEEN! I can’t even begin to tell you the fun we had making these for you. And yes, I do know what having a good hair day can feel like! Thank you, Pantene! Now, who is driving this thing? @RuPaulsDragRace @Pantene

Nina West

Nina West, in the ad is posing elegantly with the wind blowing through her hair. West sitting on a tractor trying to click pictures of self and she says that her hair is giving her the life right now. The advertisement will be played on VH1 and in RuPaul’s show. West said that, “having the ability to work with Pantene was a dream come true for me.” She also said that when she walked in to the sets for shooting, the brand made her feel special and amazing.

Nina West

This is not the first time Pantene features a Queer performer. In 2019, Pantene’s ad campaign ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and the 2018 show of Pantene described a transgender woman accepting her transition while growing up.
The brand Pantene is owned by Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble in their other brands have advertisements that included Gay dads and a Bisexual talk host.


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