Model Justin Lacko, who appeared in ‘Love Island Australia’ and ‘I’m a celebrity’ addressed his sexuality through a series of posts on Instagram.


The model’s caption read, “I won’t lie anymore within myself. I want freedom to be free. I respect myself to say this. I love me and always will.” He later explained that he is not coming out as being gay but it is him telling that he will fall in love with a person and not their sex.



He said, “I love women and man that’s it. Gay, bi, straight – just be who you are. “He also said that he does not care and neither should anyone else. But he deleted a few posts and comments now. He has not openly identified himself as bisexual, pansexual or sexually fluid. After he deleted his posts and comments, he uploaded an image of a black square with a peace sign.

Justin Lacko

Justin had earlier shared that the conversations between him and his grandmother were minimal as she suspected he was gay. He said that, “Someone’s sexuality is none of your business. I don’t feel like it’s anyone’s business unless I choose to say it myself.”


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