TV presenter of ITV, Phillip Schofield came out as gay this Friday. The 57-year-old TV star announced through a statement on Instagram minutes before coming on the show ‘This morning’ that he is gay.
Here is Phillip’s full statement on Instagram:
Phillip Schofield is married to Stephanie Lowe and the couple have two daughters. After coming out as gay, he said that he is not ready to get into a relationship with another man yet. Phillip said that so far, he’d only been looking to the day that he came out and now he doesn’t know what will happen.
Phillip Schofield statement is a substantiate validation that people have their own time, speed and pace for coming out. Age really does not matter as it is just a number and it gives more strength to the community knowing that the previous generation did have this feeling and Homosexuality is not a modern development.


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