See You Soon is a romantic queer movie about long-distance relationship. Written and directed by Tyler Rabinowitz, the movie released on July 27th 2020. It came out at the perfect time as the short film is relevant at this time of social distancing. James Cusati-Moyer and Jonn Beauchamp play the lead roles of the movie.

see you soon

See You Soon is about a gay man who travels across the country to spend the weekend with his lover. After talking for months on a dating app, the couple in hope to find true love and romance, develop a space for intimacy.

see you soon

The movie was inspired by Tyler Rabinowitz’s own romantic experience. Tyler said that he met a man who matched with him on a dating app. “I was finally able to have a weekend together with him. I found myself able to let my guards down in a way I had never before. As that weekend came to an end, I had to grapple with the double-edged swords of attachment, vulnerability and a long-distance relationship. It was a pivotal moment in my coming of age as I discovered not only my capacity to love, but also the capacity to receive love,” he said.
Capturing the shared moments between long distance lovers, the short film has made an impact of all relationships. It is a sixteen-minute romantic drama taking us into the intelligent study of love. James Cusati-Moyer as Vincent and Jonny Beauchamp as Anthony have been chatting online for months. Vincent travels across the country to spend a weekend with Anthony to find out if they have a spark.
see you soon
Spoiler Alert:
When Anthony and Vincent meet, they share an intimate experience where they feel the connection with one other’s spirit and the instant conversation and physical intimacy between them shows the life’s infinite possibilities of love. As Vincent and Anthony talk about nothing and everything, they slowly recognize that they have found their soulmates and their relationship survives against all odds.
see you soon
See You Soon is that movie that shows the love story of gay couple taking it into the second stage. The tension does not rise about the gay relationship or their unaccepting family members.  The director Rabinowitz has purposefully avoided the narrative twists and stigma attached to LGBTQ. He said, “There is nothing taboo about a gay relationship. There is no need to be afraid of one’s sexual identity thinking that it will damage their social standing.”


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