Here are few incidents that trans women experienced when someone thought they were a woman.

Disclaimer: Names changed for security reasons.
A lot of trans women pass as women until they have a close connection to know them. Trans women feel happier when they pass as a cis gender.
I was 13-years-old when my neighbor kept telling my mom that I was a beautiful girl. My mother corrected her every time that I was a boy. 10 years later when I reassigned my gender I passed easily as a girl in the eyes of people until they heard my voice. I used to enjoy the reactions that people give when they find out that I am a trans. I board the metro every day at the peak hours when hustlers hustle for office. The men in the compartment would look at me now and then. More than men, women glanced at what I wore and how I dressed. As and when I was enjoying the attention and they checking me out, the second they hear my voice, they’d be taken by surprise that I am a trans. The men would ignore me for the rest of the travel and the girls would be happy that the most beautiful women in the boggy is a trans.
I passed as a woman even before the surgery. I recognized myself as a woman and went on dates. Most men would leave me but it was one time when a man did not know that I was a woman in man’s body. He complemented me too much of my beauty. When he found out that I was a trans person, he was shocked because there was nothing about me on the outer that qualified me as a man. He told me that I looking nothing less than a really beautiful woman and no one could find a difference on me.  I had not performed the sex reassignment surgery as my parents would abandon me. I got married to him 2 years later and then I had my surgery.


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