Migraine attack for most of the women cannot be cured easily. Doctors prescribing aerobic exercise will not prevent the pain but could even work as a trigger. Researchers find that the ‘Anxiety Sensitivity’ present in women is harmful to physical and mental health.
Reportedly, ‘Anxiety Sensitivity’ refers to fear that may be related to physical activity avoidance in migraine patients. At least 15% of the population in the world is affected by Migraine and most common in women. Migraine is more than ‘just a headache.’
Though aerobic exercises are recommended by doctors as an option for migraine prevention, researchers say that the physical exercise can be a trigger of the attacks for at least 1/3rd of the patients. A study published recently in the Cephalagia Journal highlighting the relation between migraine and exercise. The researchers assessed 100 women with probable migraine, who filled an online survey covering Anxiety Sensitivity scores, intentional avoidance of moderate and vigorous physical activity the past month.
Migraine is highly prevailing neurological disorder, and there is no pharmacological treatment. The study also revealed that the patients with migraine and elevated anxiety sensitivity could benefit from tailored, multi-component intervention.


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