The first Transgender in Lok Adalat panel – Salma Khan

Saradha Natarajan

In India, not all transgenders are given the opportunity for education and employment. Many end up working as sex workers or begging on the streets. However, even if the transgender is smart and qualified for an employment, there is a social stigma attached to it.
Salma Khan from Mumbai is the first trans woman in a 3-member panel of Mumbai’s District Suburban Legal Services Authority. Salma in an interview has said that she was one among the 16 shortlisted candidates for the panel and she was chosen not on the basis of her gender but for the knowledge and experience she holds.
Founder of Kinar Maa Trust
Salma, is the founder of Kinar Maa Trust. The trust every month helps the trans people affected by cancer, HIV Aids, physically challenged, accident victims, rape victims by supplying the monthly ration needs. Salma also said that before she got the offer for being on the panel of Lok Adalat, she was invited to take part in the reality television show Bigg Boss 1 but she declined the offer because the show might only increase the number of people discriminating the trans community. She stated that the Kinar Maa trust does not need an opportunity in Bigg Boss but opportunities in the employment sector without any bias.


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