Headaches have become a common condition to all age groups. It is not too easy to deal with headache. The pain will not let you concentrate and focus and that makes everyone crazy.

Reasons that cause frequent headaches:

The most common cause of headache is stress. Stress has become a part of our life on a daily basis. Taking too much work pressure and constantly thinking about deadlines will cause intense pain.
Reasons for Frequent Headache
Food and energy is an important factor. In today’s hour, no one has time to eat a proper healthy meal that provides nutrients. Intake of too much caffeine to help you run the day will cause intense head pain.
70% of human body is filled with water. Sufficient amount of water is required as body needs fluid intake. Dehydration causes headache.
Frequent Headache
Our daily work involves using a lot of electronics. The light and radiation emitted from the Laptop and Cell phone will not only cause headache but also harms eyesight. Staring at the bright screen for long time will cause head ache.


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