It is too common to hear the phrase ‘calm your tits’. Well you can now do it in real life. The ‘Calm your tits’ boob mask is now for real. Well, I have to be honest, there are not too many times that I have thought about my tits. But, if I am given the choice to keep it glowing, I might even give it a try.

Boob Mask

The mask contains natural ingredients like oatmeal, kaolin clay, honey, green tea, matcha, and marine collagen. The website of the Anese Calm your Tits mask claims that it can give the firmness and perky feel to your boobs along with making your skin softer by acting as a moisturising agent. The mask can be used all over your chest including the nipples. The mask has a subtle smell. The directions say that the mask should be left on for 20 – 30 minutes.

Boob mask

Use a thin layer of mask wherever required on your chest. The mask can be used on your boobs, nipples, cleavage and also at the sides and bottom of your tits. It is even advised by few dermatologists that the mask helps people with chest acne and bumps.
The Anese which made the boob mask, on its Instagram page has posted pictures of the models trying the mask. The pictures look very casual which makes me think of how accepting that people have physical features of their own and there is nothing to hide about it.

Boob mask

The reviews of the mask are actually positive. One user said that, “I felt like as though I took a bathe out of milk. My nipples were so soft and also it reduced my itchiness and boob sweat.”


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