On times like this is when one can catch up on their sleep, health goals or even making up to their family and partner by spending more time together whilst being away. This lockdown has invaded all the reasons and excuses we had. I spend my day chatting with my family non-stop, working & even binge watching all the shows that was on my wish list. I also tried a couple of Instagram filters and the games that nominate each other. (sorry, not sorry)
It is alright to not be productive during these days, it is not necessary to do something that needs to be gripping enough. This lock down is not just about fun and games, it is also about ‘life happening’. It is alright just to know that you are safe as the days go by. ‘Love’ during the time of pandemic is difficult. With number of apps and sites developed to get to know new people , it is possible to construct a virtual date with them. You can actually be with your soul mate even now. The advancement and developments in technology will always bring you closer.
Here are a few steps that can keep your relationship intact.


Make use of video calls: Use this means not only for your office meetings but also to connect and know more about your partner if you are staying away from each other. Have a conversation about what you would be doing together if you had the opportunity to be together in real life at this time. These conversations will make your relationship stronger and who knows it might even lead into something special.
Have Virtual Date: I hate sitting in my Pyjamas all day. Dressing up is fun. Who doesn’t like to make an effort to glow. . I have been wanting to try my clothes and shoes just to make sure they still fit me! Dress up for a virtual date and have the best meal that you had been waiting to have. It is a change that you would require. If it is not your boyfriend/girlfriend, but the person you met online on a dating app make it a proper date.


Get Along by Playing Games: Board games and Card games can be now played virtually. Why keep it boring? Have a virtual game of Carrom, UNO, Crosswords or Ludo. You can even play Truth or Dare or have drinking games like ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Invite your group of friends to tag along on the virtual space as your date might just get to know you better from the best.
Host a Watch Party : The OTT platforms allow you to watch movies together. Obviously, no one would say no to a bucket of popcorn with a blanket on their comfortable bed on their first date.
This lockdown is not about being productive or achieving your life time goal. It is the time to know where you stand by your priority in real life.


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