Not Just Heroes, Villains Too can be Queer

Saradha Natarajan

The animated series of Harley Quinn, ‘Riddle U’ recently featured a LGBTQ villain. Clayface of Batman’s rogue gallery was portrayed as the Queer character.
The scene depicts Clayface, Harley and Poison Ivy all in disguise step into the Gotham University. Clayface is disguised and named as Stephanie. It is revealed to the audience that it is not the first time Clayface dressed as Stephanie and also, he has a boyfriend named Chad. Clayface and Chad are not in a committed relationship yet, but Clayface fears running into him.
It is first time that DC Comics depicts an LGBTQ villain. There were no previous mention or identity that depicted Clayface as Gay in the series. Reports state that Clayface will not be the only Queer character in Harley Quinn’s show. There are possibilities of Harley and Poison Ivy exploring their relationship as well.


The writer and producer of Harley Quinn, Patrick Schumacker said, “It will develop more, and it’s definitely going to evolve into, I think, what a lot of people are hoping it will. We always wanted to do it as in gay relationship was always on the table. It felt interesting to us or felt like, maybe even important to us to do it.”
He also added that it will take time to depict Harley’s relationship as Harley just got out of the relationship with Joker and it is not quite right to put her into another relationship straight away.


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