Faraz Ansari
Faraz Ansari
Faraz Arif Ansari is a 33-year-old filmmaker from Mumbai. Like every other child, Faraz had the dream to become a storyteller. Faraz directed the movie Sisak in 2017 – India’s first queer silent film about two young men who see each other on the Mumbai local train but are unable to say anything to each other. Sisak won 59 International film awards.
Faraz said that he knew that he liked boys and did not hide it. When he came out to his mother, she accepted it but he said that his mother still hopes that he will get better and realize that it is just ‘a phase.’ When Sisak was released, Faraz was praised by many. Faraz has mentioned that he made the movie Sisak to show his mother what he was feeling.
Sisak – Movie Poster
In an interview with Vice, Faraz has stated that many people appreciated his courage for making the movie and even told him that it has helped a few to come out to their parents. In 2013, Faraz wrote a queer film called Ravivar, about a prime minister’s son being gay. It’s a satire, a comedy, political, and pathbreaking. Every production house said that it said it’s beautiful, but sorry.
Faraz said he will not stop making movies about the LGBTQ. Faraz wanted the Bollywood industry which is the highest contributor to the film industry to understand Homosexual relationships.
Faraz’s next movie is named Sheer Qorma which is also a lot about women representation. The story focuses on Muslim Lesbian relationship. Faraz has received too many threats and statements made that he should be sent to Pakistan for making movies like this.


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