Here’s something that you can add on your bucket list before you get too busy.

Take a solo trip to an unknown place.
Travelling to a new place gives the confidence and makes one feel independent. Learning a new language, culture, tradition and ethical values increases your ability to make decisions on your own.
Take a solo trip to unknown place
Start nurturing a plant.
Plants are something that spreads positivity and calmness around you. To have an engaging time on your weekend and feel the fresh oxygen, nurture plants in your house and work table.
Start nurturing a plant
Stay up all night binge watching.
Put on your favourite show and sit in your PJs with a tub of popcorn. No one cares if we put on a little weight.
Stay up all night binge watching. NETFLIX and Chilling
Do star gazing.
Why don’t you try counting the stars? Oops, you missed counting yourself.
Do star Gazing
Get a portrait of yourself done.
Mirror need not be the only one where you have to look at yourself and admire.
Get a portrait done
Write a novel about your life.
Will it be a roller coaster ride filled with romance, thriller, fiction thoughts or just a biography?
Write your life story as a Novel
Do something that you fear.
Really? Is there something like fear?
Do something you fear
Go rafting.
Like boating but just more adventurous and interesting.
Go Rafting
Take a small travel documentary.
Let the memory card of your brain be filled with the storage.
Make a travel documentary
Learn a sport.
Go out and Play.
Get out and Play
Own a car.
Do not be dependent for commuting.
Own a car
Crash a wedding.
Take a gift along and wish the bride and groom. Let them wonder who invited you when they look at the pictures.
Crash a Wedding
Sponsor one’s primary education.
Why not help someone to get better.
Sponsor a primary education
Try being on Zen mode for a day.
Let go of the technology vampire drinking your creativity for few hours in a month.
Zen Mode Trial
Do you have any weird or beautiful ideas that others can try out?


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