It has been 6 months since Q Plus launched. We have been receiving immense support from the LGBTQ community as well as the allies. In line with the Internal Non-Binary day on July 14th, Q Plus has come up with the initiative to open the platform for writing articles, short stories, poems or videos from its readers.
Contribute your articles to Q Plus
As Q Plus has won thousands of hearts in a short span of time with its subject matters on culture, art, lifestyle, tradition, fashion, health, sexuality and more; we are now focusing on quality writing with in-depth report to engage our readers. So, here is a chance not only for the LGBT community, but also the allies to get their stories published.
Here is the list of things to note before you contribute for Q Plus:
  1. Your article can be of stories and incidents or your life experience as a Queer.
  2. It need not be of journalistic approach. It can be written in simple language that is comprehensible.
  3. We do not accept submissions of previously published articles.
  4. Make sure your article is at least 350 words. When sending the article, please attach the images that you want us to publish along with the article.
  5. Please note that, there might not be immediate response, but the editorial team will respond to the article within 3 days from the time of receival.
  6. Send the articles to


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