“Gluck – who did she think he was” is an Arts documentary directed by Clare Beavan was published in 2017 by BBC. The story of Gluck represents an untold story of a Britain’s cross-dressing high society painter of the 1930s.
Hannah Gluckstein was born in London in 1895. She was an artist and her shows were attended by the British royal, aristocrats and celebrities. She even cross-dressed as a man and exhibited it as ‘One Man’s Show’.
Gluck was born into a wealthy family and her lifestyle was a constant reminder of her individuality. She always kept saying that the women’s clothes were not for her and she expressed her gender perfectly to her encounters as she wished. Gluck cross dressed as a man with a hairdo and smoked a pipe and enjoyed a string of female lovers. The concept of cross dressing was not new to Gluck and as a woman she started expressing her needs through the way she dressed.
Gluck was a talented artist and was an extraordinary example of a trans person who came out loud and proud in the dark ages of British homo and transphobia in the 20th century.


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