Britain had their first Transgender Vicar in 2000

Saradha Natarajan

Back in 2000, coming out as a Transgender would have not been easier. It was not a time when Transgender people were supported for widespread ignorance against them. Carol Stone spoke to Journalists when she came out; she said that there was time she thought that she could either be a trans woman or a vicar. Ordained as Peter Stone in 1978, she had a sex reassignment surgery in 2000.
Carol Stone came out as a Trans person 6 months before her sex reassignment surgery. Reportedly, she was supported not only by the Bishop of her church but she was accepted by the entire diocese. Carol Stone had offered to resign from the services as a minster fearing that the people who come to church might not accept her.
Transgender Vicar
Nevertheless, the bishop of the church when announced that their priest would return as a woman vicar in months after her surgery, the people immediately accepted stating that Carol was a human being and they love their vicar.
Carol as a woman vicar was always reluctant to talk at length about her experience as a trans woman. She received a National Broadcasting Award from Sandford St Martin Trust in 1979 for her contribution to community radio.
Carol stone is considered a strong person who came up as a trans vicar in 2000 when there was absolutely no support. It is even said that her story is uplifting for the Transgender community in Britain. She was affected by pancreatic cancer and died in 2014.


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