Beatles star John Lennon’s sunglasses were sold for 137,500 Euros. The glasses were sold to a bidder in an auction at London.
John Lennon’s sunglasses
Lennon left his round-rimmed glasses in the Ringo Starr’s car in summer, 1968. Allen Herring who was mentioned as the owner of the property of the glasses said that he never mended the glass as he just kept it the way Lennon had left them.”
Alan Herring started working for the Beatles’ in 1967 as landscape contractor for George Harrison. He then became Harrison’s chauffeur, handyman and personal assistant until the Beatles trip to India. According to reports, through the time of Herring working for Beatles, he was given a glimpse in the behind-the-scenes of the band’s memorable moments.
John Lennon
The sale also included Beatles’ necklace with cowbells that belonged to Harrison and was sold for 10,000 Euros.
Auction - Beatles


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