Both men and women have them. A few have more than a pair. And not just limited to men, even the women are attracted to nipples.
Amongst all the ads for the push-up bras and nipple stickers we forget the purpose of it. Here are few facts that you did not know that your nipples are capable of! Not only women but men can also lactate. (not under normal conditions)
  1. Nipples were used to diagnose women’s health
The book ‘Midwives or the whole art of Midwifry’ mentions that the female sexual health was diagnosed on the colour of the nipple. The nipples are red after a sexual intercourse and turns blue if they are a breastfeeding mother. It was also mentioned that the when they turn old the nipple turns black. However, this does not hold good in the present.
  1. Types of nipples
There are more than 4 types of nipples. It could be flat, protruding, inverted and multiple. It is possible to have one nipple protruding and the other flat.
  1. Nipple is not what you see
The circular area is the areola that protects the nipple. Nipples are the centre portion of the breasts that is connected to the mammary glands which produces milk.
  1. Number of nipples
You can have more than two nipples. It is called double or bifurcated nipples. Both the nipples on one breast will be able to produce milk.
1 out of 18,00,000 people have multiple nipples which is also known as supernumerary nipples. The maximum number of nipples is identified to be as 7. The supernumerary nipples even grow on feet and thighs which can also produce milk after birth.
  1. Nipple hair is real
The hair that is grown on your areola is darker and thicker that the hair on your body. It regulates body temperature. But with heaters and coolers today, the use of Nipple hair is very minimal and you can wax or shave them if it bothers.
  1. Size of nipples
The size of the nipple changes during the menstrual cycle. It might also swell when you use oral contraceptives or if sucked on. It grows to the maximum when pregnant as the mammary glands expands in width.
  1. Nipples can feel pain
Mostly breast-feeding women have nipple pain. Pain or soreness also happens because of hormonal changes and friction from bras.
  1. People can be born without nipple
People are born without one or both the nipples. This condition is called Althelia. It is very rare and is caused because of heredity or chromosomal defects.
  1. Nipples can change colour
Nipples change colour due to temperature, pregnancy, sexual arousal and friction. Nipples may even change colour permanently after breast implants.


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