Cricket is the national game of England, what else do we know?
Cricket in India is a religion. The movie Lagaan portrayed how important the sport is to the English men. East Indian Settlements in India is one of the important reasons why Cricket is worshiped in India.
Cricket in India
The Indian sport – Gilli was much similar to that of cricket, but it was never considered a sport by itself.
India recorded their first victory in the 24th match of test series against England in 1952.  Though cricket is not the national game of India, the rush that the followers and fans bestow with is immense.
Cricket in India
Though sports like Tennis and Football are picking up in India, Cricket always stands on the pinnacle. When compared to any sport, cricket always has the best of all infrastructure. BCCI works as an individual body without much government interference.
Let’s see why it is such a block buster when compared to other sports.
The first reason why the sport is famous is because of the world class national players that India had. It can be said that people loved the players more than the sport itself. The love for the sport was never reduced even when we were at a low. The players had a grip with the fans, and that was the majority of all the reasons for the sport to survive.
Indian Cricket Team
The sport was telecasted to the mass in 1980 and that was the time period when India had the remarkable set of players. It is needless to say when India won the World Cup in 1983.


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