Gender. What is gender? Why is gender so important to validate one’s existence? Have you ever had a conversation or has it otherwise struck you that in a broader context gender is nothing but just an experience?
I have not been able to get it out of mind that gender is a perspective just like an information with background. Gender gives someone a mere identity just like their name. Though all of us are different in our own ways, why do we let ourselves be defined with the gender we are. A thought that keeps racing to my mind is when someone mentions the word gender, majority of individuals think of man and woman. But, what about the non-binary gender?


In the beginning of the year 2016, gender was considered a more serious and stiffer topic. Identifying Gender and understanding the orientation was the most spoken topic when it came to Gender Equality. It was when Postgenderism came into place. It is a socio-cultural movement that opined the existence of binary genders. Postgenderism validated that gender was an unnecessary box that people had to fit into. It made clear that having gender as an important aspect, it limited human potential. Postgenederism got its cultural roots from masculinism, feminism along with the transgender movements.


I wish “the future has no gender”. But I have come to realize that wishing and expecting things alone doesn’t do much good. I realized that just giving a voice would solely not change what is ‘accepted’ in the society now but the thought that says ‘who cares what they think, we are who we are’ is all that matters. Have you ever thought what happens to the world when you completely remove the constraint of falling into the gender boxes? Have you ever felt that like you, everyone is allowed to live the life their way without much interference from people telling them what they should be?
Although we are getting closer to gender parity, change isn’t happening fast enough. Though the new generation is getting adapted to the gender parity, the previous generations have a hard time because of their traditional barriers. But what one should keep in mind about gender is that, it is shifting. No longer is it just about traditional gender roles. Now, it’s about the role of gender in itself. No longer is it just about two genders. Now, it’s about the unbundling of sex and gender and identity and the spectrum of gender identities.


A gender-neutral approach is lacking in most of the physical spaces.  It is just one physical dimension and it is allowed and also should be agreed that it is okay to have overlaps and confusions even it is your gender. When we start to add extra genders, there will be far more possible combinations to modify what the word ‘gender’ stands for.


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