Wing Rainbow was launched in 2017 by coalition of the Wing Travels and Humsafar Trust in Mumbai. The Humsafar trust has been active from 1994 for the transgender community. Initially, five members from the trans community joined the radio cab services. The process of training the LGBT members starts on by applying the learner’s license and in the meantime, they get trained for customer etiquette training and better user experience.
The Wing travels came up with the initiative and approached the Humsafar trust to develop not only employment opportunities for the community, but help them in starting their own business. Humsafar Trust’s Director said, he hopes that through this program, the members of the trust, Hijra and LGBTQ community will take advantage of the opportunity.
The director of the Wings Travels, as reported by The Hindu, said that he wanted the transgenders to have the same rights and opportunities provided equally as the rest of the country. He also said that the 5 is just a starting number and he is looking at least 1500 members from the community to enroll.


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