AdamAdam, former stripper and now a decorator by profession, did not know that he was gay for a very long time. Adam knew that he was different from other boys but never thought that he was gay. For 22 years he led his life as a straight man. He realized that he was gay after meeting a nurse.
For a man who had been only dating woman, it was difficult for Adam to go on dates and develop a relation with a man. He said that he took the job as a stripper when he thought he was straight and loved his work. But later quit his job because he had a stroke and was paralyzed for 2 months.
Adam shares his story of how he went to the hospital straight and came out as Gay. Adam said that a male nurse in the hospital made him realise that he was gay. Adam narrated his story, “This male nurse who cared for me for super cute and fit. He was gay. He was the only company I had at nights. We were just trying to have a conversation. One night he asked me if I was gay and I just said yes. Yes, I’m gay.”
Adam then said that he was attracted to men most of the time but did not have any feelings. He also said that he did not take a step to explore. Using the platform of First Dates, Adam met Dan, who is also gay. The two men went on a blind date and hit it off the first time. They lived together for a while and got engaged after 9 months. After a year, Adam and Dan got married in South Africa.



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