Fendi, the Italian luxury fashion house introduce the world’s first perfume-infused handbags. The handbags named FendiFrenesia are made of special leather and are infused with the fragrances created by perfumer Francis Kurkdijan.
Perfume Infused Handbag
In the fashion world, the brand is identified as ‘Leather and Musky’ as it claims that the scent will stay for as long as four years. Each and every bag will come along with a bottle of FendiFrenesia to refresh the bag’s scent when it wears out.
These bags are made in three different sizes in colours of bright yellow and white baguettes. Each bag will have an identical art work of Swiss photographer Christelle Boule.
Reportedly, according to Fendi these bags show the fragrance once it has been dropped on to a film paper, visually bringing the scent to life. The miniature version of these bags are available on fendi.com which is sold for $630 USD.
Leather and Musky


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