Disclaimer: Names changed for security reasons.
I was born a girl. I had a very healthy childhood like any other child but I was never comfortable wearing frocks and other clothes meant for girls. I was in the fifth standard when I started getting attracted to girls. I was sure I was a lesbian. After graduating, I started working and had a couple of relationships which failed miserably. I met my first lesbian friend and then I realized that I was different from them. They were very comfortable with their bodies but I was not. I came to know about transitioning from female to male by taking male hormones and by doing surgeries. It took me one year to finally decide that I wanted to transition. The biggest challenge was coming out to everyone. Initially I was very scared and hesitant. I thought about it calmly and made a list of people to whom I would come out. They were very calm and offered me their support whole heartedly. After four months when changes started to show, I came out to the CEO of my company. After listening to me, the first thing he said was, “Tell me how I can help you.” He also said that he didn’t understand what I was going through but would support me in my decision if that made me happy. He also supported me by giving me a loan for my surgery. It was not easy coming out. Because people generally know about gays and lesbians but they don’t know about trans man.


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