Power Rangers now to have a Queer super hero

Saradha Natarajan

Moving from small screens to big screen Power Rangers have hit the ground hard on exploring Queer characters. In December 2019, when it was announced that the Power Rangers will hit the big screen – the movie might not only have a gay ranger but will also feature a transgender ranger.

Power Rangers

The last Power Ranger movie depicted the Yellow Ranger – Trini to be exploring her sexual identity. The story trailed as Trini was having issues with her girlfriend after it was falsely presumed that she was having boyfriend troubles.

Power Rangers


There were reports stating that the upcoming movie might have the Blue Ranger as gay, and the Red Ranger might be portrayed by a woman, it also reports that one of the new Rangers will be a trans woman. But it is not yet confirmed but the studio as to what will be depicted in the movie.


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