The actress and activist Jameela came out as queer earlier this year. She received a lot of criticism when she came out. She was backlashed on social media as she failed to have a connection with the LGBTQ community.
Jameela said that she added a rainbow after her name on her social media handle a few years ago. But she feared to come out. She admitted that she was not open about her sexuality but was silently part of the community. Jameela said that it was overwhelming for her when her secret personal life was blurted out. She stated that she had been hiding her sexuality for decades, which traumatized her.


In a recent interview, Jameela clarified that she was bisexual and that she fancies everyone. She said, “People are still kind of stuck in the linear and don’t understand the spectrum of sexuality.I don’t know if I’m pansexual. I guess I am bisexual. But I don’t just fancy cis straight men; I fancy everyone.”


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