The Polish theatre actor and Journalist came out as Gay in an interview to mark his milestone 100th birthday. Witold Sadowy believed that it is never too late to be yourself and revealed that he regrets to not have been married and have children with the one he loved.

Witold Sadowy

Witold Sadowy was born in 1920 and started his acting career in Poland in 1945. He is the oldest actor living in Poland. Sadowy has never revealed anything about his personal life but for the first time apart from his career and interests, he spoke about his sexuality. Sadowy in his interview said, “For me the most important is the survival of the truth.”

Witold Sadowy

Sadowy not only survived two world wars but also survived being gay for literally a century in a country where homosexuality in unaccepted.Though Poland provides LGBTQ+ with the same rights as heterosexuals in certain areas, the country’s political policies are homophobic. The local governments controlling a third of Poland officially declared themselves as LGBT-free zones.


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